1.- Foundations of the F24 Goats System:
The F24 System is a specific development for ruminants nutrition and feed handling practices (feeding). To meet these needs, this system takes into account a lot of factors such as: basic health and appropiate health programmes, knowledge of the genetic make-up and the particular characteristics of each breed, appropriate housing control and cattle-management system … The target of the F24 System is providing comfort in every single moment, not only in housing but milking as well.

2. System Nutrition – F24:
One of the most important problems to be solved in milk producers ruminants, is providing stable and uniform feed rations, without major variations of ingredients quality and nutritional intake in order to keep an optimal rumen conditions within the ruminal microbiota comfort standards.

The F24 System for milking goats nutrition is based on:

• Providing good quality straw as forage

• Pelleted granulated feed

• The ration is supplemented with RFN O/C (active yeast culture)